While he walks away Leaving a quest, he long longed for Disbelieving the fate A cause, he fought hard for Has failed, derailed   Those he believed Punched him hard in face Backstabbed, left alone In the midst of the war Ignorant us, believed him not Mocked him, choked him But he stood strong   […]

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Sinister You…

The unhinged belief of humanity Seemingly unavoidable context Emptying the voids in thy cult Unreachable shed of nature The predominant force The unavoidable Sinister you!   Sinister we, shall rise above the Society The greed of uncanny animal race Above the mind of filthy you Why you failed, yes you! Rise! Fall! Crawl, you! Sinister […]

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To be, or Have to be!

World keeps shouting loud in the space. The chamber would never open for them, as they are used to live inside the closet. Have you to jump and cross the wall, the wall of fame, name, emotions, relations, and everything else. Make a way, find the road to your wisdom, and get enlightened in fact. […]

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Be the Sun

When it flew, try managing a glimpse of it. Time does fly very fast. No one can ever stop it. Have you ever thought what you’ve achieved and what not? Have you ever wondered if you’ve a life for living worthwhile? Sometime, you got to move your left foot forward and make the right decision […]

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Strange Day!

It was a strange day, a strange morning to start with. I got up from the bed, real bad in shape, and thought about the dream I had. What could possibly be defined as a nightmare by somebody else was actually more of a self-realization for me. What possibly would have shaken somebody else actually […]

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Act of Transgression!

The cigarette I smoke ensembles the entire city as I look at the street lights through the window. A sudden glimpse of them makes me inquisitive. He pushes her forcefully to the wall and seizes her waist with his muscular hands. Her poison nails dug his back with much force. They kiss each other; lick […]

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The dark coming of the nature Makes her wonder, Wonder if someone’s waiting for her The thick black clouds, they seemed to cry Cry for freedom, freedom from thy sins Heaven is what she felt, in his solace, she went dim Tears of bliss crashed from her eyes, What was caged, now was a free […]

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Tale of a bewildered man

I stood on a broken road With a bomb in my hand, and a gun in my hood What could I do? Where could I go? To drop the bomb, to shoot them all She stood on the other side And the sun shone through her face It revealed the darkness she had in her […]

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It’s time to disobey everyone And everything I’ve learned and lost It’s time to witness insanity And kill the doors I am no more a man enough to face Face the truth of swelling eyes I’ve got no reasons to make a trip And no reasons to cut open the skies I’ll write with ink […]

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